Jarlath Gallagher Jarlath Eoin Gallagher

Software Engineer

Professional Profile

Microsoft Certified Developer with 9+ years experience working in Application Development using Microsoft, Adobe and JAVA technologies. A self motivated and outcome focused individual with a proven track record in learning new technologies and assimilating this knowledge with previously acquired skills. I have extensive experience working in a self directed manner consistently meeting and exceeding deadlines. I also have thrived as part of a team following an Agile approach to Software development and always look forward to engaging with my team through daily catch-ups and project planning sessions.

Work Experience

Sep 2014 - Present

Software Engineer

Kainos, Derry

Kainos is a privately held software company headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland that develops information technology solutions for businesses and organisations particularly in the public, healthcare and financial services sectors. This position involves supporting a myriad of bespoke software solutions for clients from various business sectors. Support provided to Microsoft and JAVA solutions on various frameworks. Development of new facets to client applications in both C# (.Net 3.5+) on Enterprise Frameworks and JAVA (1.7+) on Spring.

  • Visual Studio 2010 + 2013
  • Spring Tool Suite (Eclipse)
  • SQL & SQL Enterprise Manager
  • Tortoise Hg / SVN
  • Mercurial / Subversion

Role achievements: In this role i am constantly required to immerse myself in legacy code with various levels of documentation with a view of ascertaining where a bug in the code exists, resolving the issue with the code and liasiing with the client to ensure the solution is what they require.

May 2005 - Sep 2006, Sep 2007 - April 2010 & Sep 2011 - Sep 2014

Web Applications Developer

BIZNET Solutions, Derry

Biznet Solutions is a solutions provider focusing on the development of web based applications for the Oil and Gas Industries. This position involves working with large scale oil exploration companies and management consultancies in the planning, creation and implementation of rich internet applications (RIAs) to aid in the oil exploration businesses.

  • ColdFusion 8-10 & Eclipse
  • jQuery
  • SQL Enterprise Manager
  • RedGate Toolbelt
  • Flex 4.0 & Flash Builder
  • Subversion
  • CSS

Role achievements: In this role I am tasked with providing new features and tailored solutions to issues on our PerforMIS product roadmap and also those faced by clients in their performance management practices. One example of how I excelled when in this position was utilising a marginal charting technology and leveraging its abilities to integrate custom charting into a reporting application.

May 2010 - August 2011

Software Engineer

8over8 Limited, Derry

8over8 is the leader in lifecycle contract management solutions for the oil, gas and utilities markets. Our software solutions enable customers to maximise the contractual relationships with their business partners. This position involves working within an Agile software engineering company in the delivery of the ProCon application to the worlds leading oil & gas companies.

  • C# & ASP.Net
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • T-SQL & SQL Server Integration Services
  • AJAX & (X)(D)HTML
  • CSS

Role achievements: In this role I was required to maintain legacy code and create new facets to the ProCon application as required by clients. To complete these tasks we were required to follow an amalgamated waterfall / agile development methodology implementing it in a collaborated environment. A notable achievment in this role was the provision of a tailored document extraction tool to satisfy the specific requirements of a client using EMC Documentum.

Sep 2006 - September 2007

Software Developer

Legal Marketing Services (LMS) Limited, Cheshire Oaks

Legal Marketing Services Limited (LMS) is a company focused on support of the conveyance associated industries. This position involved the planning, development and delivery of web enabled applications aimed at the streamlining of the conveyance process. Development of n-tier solutions for the Conveyance markets using ColdFusion and .Net (C#) Review and Analysis of potential future products to be leveraged by the STARS system

  • ASP.Net(C#) & Visual Studio 2005
  • ColdFusion 5 / 7 & UltraDev
  • SQL & SQL Enterprise Manager
  • Visual SourceSafe

Role achievements: In this role I was a member of a small but specialised team whose role was to build end-user input forms which captured data for the STARS system. An example of my application within this role was in the provision of an online integrated .Net payment tool into the STARS system which replaced the previously unreliable resource. I was the dedicated development person for the investigation and integration of this.

Technical Skills

Advanced, 5 years

Adobe Coldfusion MX7 / 8 / 9

Utilisation of IDE driven and hand coding principles of ColdFusion in the delivery of n-Tier applications for the B2B and B2C markets. Noteable experience in the creation and tailoring of granular reporting within the Supplier Performance Management elements of global Industries.

Advanced, 3 years


Design and build of intuitive user interfaces with the purpose of gathering information in a rapid and reliable fashion. The focus of this was in end user experience.

Implementation / Integration of Cardholder Not Present online payment procedures which enabled the capture of financials and expediated the conveyancing processes.

Microsoft Certified Developer

Advanced, 5 years


Creation of scheduled processes aimed at transferring data from a financials database / modifying based on currency and insertion of data into client specific databases.

Worked on a team to develop procedures aimed at trimming the execution times of other stored procedures providing an overall more efficient data capture and delivery experience.

Intermediate, 4 years


Formulation of HTML augmented tables to match those requested by a client which had been formatted within Microsoft Excel.

Working closely with the design team to help integrate clean design approaches into the user interfaces. Moved table based site design to more standards conformant <div> layouts.

Intermediate, 2 years

Adobe Flex & Flash Builder

An early adopter of the technology within the company we worked at the delivery of a Risk Management Tool for one of the major global Oil suppliers. This was an application aimed at the capture and assessment of process risks within the multiple regions of the organisation.

Creation of a site set-up application to be run in house based upon a central applications DB.

Advanced, 5 years

JavaScript & AJAX

Various implementations of these technolgies in making all interfaces user friendly and efficient therefore enabling the end user to get from the site what the client requested.


Pattern Based Software Development in C#

Neueda Training

This course was delivered with the purpose of forging an understanding of what does and what does not go to making up a pattern, the role of patterns in the world of software architecture and the application of these patterns in the solution of common coding problems.

Agile Development in C#

Neueda Training

This course was delivered with the purpose of galvanising the team around the principles of Agile Methodologies within the Software Development Industry. Paying reference to the importance of streamlining the processes within the organisation with the ultimate goal of producing "Value to the Customer" with good development practices.

Microsoft - MCTS .NET 3.5 Web and Data Applications

Firebrand Training

This accelerated instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to write well adapted and efficient code. This course provided the following Microsoft Certified Professional Qualifications:
.Net Exam MCP 070536 - .NET Framework Application Development Foundation
ASP.Net Exam MCP 070562 - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development
ADO.Net Exam MCP 070561 - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ADO.NET Application Development

Graduate IT development programme


An intensive training programme designed at bringing non-IT graduates into the IT industry. This course provided the following Microsoft Certified Professional Qualifications:
VB.net Exam MCP 070305 - Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET
SQL Exam MCP 070229 - Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition
PRINCE2 Methodology - supplementary to the IT qualifications the programme provided an insight into this project management methodology widely used in industry today.

BSc(Hons) Physical Geography

University of Liverpool

Dissertation - Geospatial analysis of glacial outwash system - Jostedalen National Park. Geographical Information Systems - alongside the degree course there was a significant IT based element utilising GIS and HTML technologies to provide geospatial analysis reports of physical data. DB Technologies - SQL and Access was used in conjunction with Environmental Modelling.